Wayfinding Solutions for Airports

Enhance the guest experience at your airport with a wayfinding solution from Express Image Digital. Our interactive kiosks allow travelers to locate the information they’re looking for in seconds, and provide dynamic mapping options to help users navigate any size airport with ease. Additional features and functions can be incorporated into your solution to provide alerts, allow travelers to purchase tickets or view menus, display attention-grabbing ads, and much more. Contact our team today to schedule a demo!

Users can search for gates and terminals, restrooms, food and beverage locations, and parking information, among other resources.
Once a destination has been selected, an animated map and clear instructions guide the way. All directions are based on the shortest possible route and include instructions for ADA accessible paths.
We can include additional features to support wayfinding, such as a function that sends directions straight to a user’s smartphone or an option for the user to share their locations with others. We can even develop a mobile app that allows users to track their location throughout the airport in real-time.

Express Image Digital is ready to create a custom wayfinding solution tailored to your business objectives. We approach every solution with a focus on great UX and UI design that adheres to your brand standards. Check out some of our work here, then give us a call to get started!

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