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Interactive Airport Maps

It’s hard to think of a space that needs wayfinding more than an airport. Effective wayfinding and memorable graphics are a big part of keeping passengers happy. Many travelers arrive at the terminal with limited time to park, check in, get through security, and find their gates. Others arrive with extra time to have a pre-flight cocktail and find a good book or neck pillow before boarding. And some travelers have no choice but to spend hours wandering the airport due to a missed connection or delayed flight. No matter the circumstances, what they all have in common is the need to navigate a bustling, maze-like terminal with the least amount of frustration.

  • Improve Traffic Flow
    Gain insights into traveler volume and flow patterns, and minimize congestion by optimizing routes and providing integrated access to wait times, schedules, and wayfinding information for passenger navigation apps.
  • Drive Traveler Spending
    Create awareness and highlight the availability of on-premises shops, restaurants, lounges, and other points of interest to motivate and increase passenger spending.
  • Increase Communication
    Our airport wayfinding solutions can seamlessly integrate with other transportation-specific applications and data such as Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS), Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), the Airport Operational Database (AODB) and more.
  • Single source of mapping data for travelers and staff
    Different users different views, based on source or profile with a single set of maps for travelers and staff. Differentiate between routes ensuring only those with proper permissions see areas of a map they are granted access to (accessibility, staff-only, security, airline, etc.).
  • Multiple language opportunities
    Our solutions provides eleven different languages for travels to use their native language.
  • Text directions for easy navigation
    Send turn by turn wayfinding directions to travels to reduce frustrations and improve traveler satisfaction.

Wayfinding Solutions for Airports

Enhance the guest experience at your airport with a wayfinding solution from Express Image Digital. Our interactive kiosks allow travelers to locate the information they’re looking for in seconds, and provide dynamic mapping options to help users navigate any size airport with ease. Additional features and functions can be incorporated into your solution to provide alerts, allow travelers to purchase tickets or view menus, display attention-grabbing ads, and much more.

Interactive digital wayfinding offers larger long-term cost savings over printed directories. When it comes to airports, we have seen costs as high as $100,000 to update all the printed directories. If your airport is updating the directories a few times per year, digital wayfinding kiosks could have a positive ROI in less than 12 months! Ready to get started? Contact our team today to schedule a demo.

Users can search for gates and terminals, restrooms, food and beverage locations, and parking information, among other resources.
Once a destination has been selected, an animated map and clear instructions guide the way. All directions are based on the shortest possible route and include instructions for ADA accessible paths.
We can include additional features to support wayfinding, such as a function that sends directions straight to a user’s smartphone, or an option for the user to share their location with others. We can even develop a mobile app that allows users to track their locations throughout the airport in real-time.
Incorporating digital advertising into your indoor or outdoor wayfinding solution provides new revenue-generating opportunities. Guests will appreciate convenient access to what’s going on throughout the terminal, such as restaurant specials, store promotions, events, and more. When it’s time to swap out the ads, our custom content management system makes it easy to upload new information.

Express Image Digital, every wayfinding solution we create is completely customized, with additional features tailored to your business objectives. We approach every solution with a focus on great UX and UI design that adheres to your brand standards. Check out some of our work here, then give us a call to get started!

Case Study: MSP Airport

When one of the best airports in the country needed an indoor wayfinding solution, its team called on Express Image Digital. The challenge: to create an interactive kiosk to help travelers navigate through the terminals at the Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport in Minnesota, which features 100 shops, restaurants, and services, including local favorites and national brands.

With all of these options, MSP Airport executives needed a way to update their current digital wayfinding to include new mapping, new search features, and a design centered on user experience. Read about the airport wayfinding solution our experts provided here.

Redefining the Wayfinding Experience

Express Image Digital produces high-end technology for companies that serve millions of guests in large facilities across major metropolitan areas. Our intuitive wayfinding solutions are easy to use and can accommodate international guests. For more information about our products and services, please contact our experts via phone or email.

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