Wayfinding Solutions for Corporate Campuses

Enhance your company culture and improve productivity with a digital wayfinding solution from Express Image Digital. Our interactive wayfinding kiosks allow employees, clients, vendors, and other visitors to search for anything from a conference room to a specific printer and receive clear directions to their destinations based on the shortest route from their current locations. This technology not only saves valuable time but also creates a more innovative and connected work environment.

Offering a digital wayfinding solution also provides an attention-grabbing way to communicate information corporate-wide. You can share announcements, alerts, and event information, recognize excellence, and even request employee feedback all with one solution. Imagine having the ability to get directions to your next meeting, locate a restroom along the route, view details of an upcoming seminar, and check out the lunch menu – all in one, quick stop.

When you work with Express Image Digital to create your solution, the possibilities only increase from there. We can incorporate all types of features and functions to boost company culture, improve operations, and increase employee satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule a demo!

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