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Wayfinding Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities are starting to realize the benefits of deploying digital applications across their campuses to enhance patient experiences, gain operating efficiencies, and promote services.

Patients and guests have come to expect digital access to relevant information as a matter of convenience and speed. It has become the service expectation for all consumers in their daily lives. Hospitality self-check-in, on-line banking, venue ticketing, and reservations are just a few examples.

While there are many idiosyncrasies to consider in a digital wayfinding deployment, it may be the quickest and least complex deployment for you to gain an immediate and noticeable service upgrade. At Express Image Digital, we are passionate about enhancing visitor experiences and building software applications to accomplish just that.

Guide Patients and Visitors Through Your Facility With Ease

Our interactive digital wayfinding kiosks help guide patients and visitors through your facility with the least amount of confusion or frustration. Our solutions allow you to search for a destination and interact with animated maps containing simple, intuitive directions. The team members at Express Image Digital are wayfinding specialists with a highly collaborative discovery process, a unique combination of competencies, and wayfinding subject matter expertise that results in the optimal solution and includes:

  • Multi-channel Options: you can choose to provide your wayfinding service on a kiosk, added to your mobile app, added to your website, and/or via a QR code scan.
  • Hardware Expertise: whether it is a floor stand or wall unit kiosk, we will identify and deploy the right size, look, and feel.
  • Customized User Interface: no two hospital floorplans are the same. That is why we design and build a highly intuitive solution for your guests to navigate your location.
  • Dynamic Mapping Application: our software’s smart search function allows visitors to search for anything from a department to a doctor’s name. Once they have found their destination, an interactive, animated map displays the best possible route, including route options with ADA accessibility.
  • Content Management System: whether we integrate with your CMS or deploy ours, our solution allows you to easily administer changes in real time as offices, suites, and rooms are changed/added.
  • Analytics Package: we provide templated and customized reports tracking your patient digital interactions and experiences.
  • Implementation and Support: while our service offering includes best-in-class software solutions, we are also a strong service organization and our enduring customer relationships reflect that.

The Outcomes You Will Experience

As healthcare providers, you need to achieve extremely specific business objectives in a digital wayfinding deployment. Here is what you will get from the Express Image Digital Wayfinding+ solutions:

  • Reduced patient, guests, and staff stress and frustrations related to navigation
  • Increased staff efficiencies
  • Increased revenue driven by customized marketing messages triggered by specific searches.
  • A wayfinding platform that can be seamlessly integrated with your overall digital strategy
  • Home-to-hospital navigation including to the nearest parking place to door destination
  • Digital mapping data that can be utilized across multiple channels, solutions, and integrations
  • Personalized and customizable wayfinding rules for events, construction, and maintenance
  • Insights gained on how space and assets are being used for resource planning
  • Business intelligence insights that drive operational and marketing strategies

We look forward to an introductory meeting to discuss your digital strategy and your wayfinding options.

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