Wayfinding Solutions for the Hospitality World

Whether you run a hotel, resort, or venue, you are always looking for ways to take care of your guests and enhance their stay. And in this digital age where people are sharing every aspect of their experience with their online community, it’s more important than ever. Making a lasting impression on just one person can help you reach many other potential customers, building brand awareness organically and effectively.

Want to really stand out? Express Image Digital can help.

Our interactive digital wayfinding solutions enhance your guest experience by providing a way to navigate your property with ease. Users can search for anything from an event to a restaurant and locate their destination in seconds on an interactive, animated map. This not only makes it less frustrating for guests to find where they are going, but also encourages them to discover amenities and experiences they may not have known about otherwise.

And that’s just the beginning – we can incorporate any type of feature or function in your interface, providing unlimited ways to boost guest satisfaction while increasing revenue opportunities. Interested to learn more? Get in touch with our team to schedule a demo!

Customized Solutions

Every wayfinding solution we create is completely customized, with additional features tailored to your business objectives. We approach every solution with a focus on great UX and UI design that adheres to your brand standards.

There are a vast number of options we can include to enhance guest experience, such as allowing users to share their location with each other in real-time or find ADA accessible routes.
We can also include functions that make your operations more efficient, like the ability for guests to check themselves in for a reservation or search for room upgrades.
We can even track every touch that happens on our screens, from what features and functions guests are touching to what destinations they’re targeting. The analytics we deliver can give you a better understanding of how your guests are interacting with your space, and allow you to leverage that information to make informed business decisions.
Your wayfinding solution can also serve as a way to communicate with guests and staff about important updates, events, weather, and other daily interests. Update all of the screens simultaneously from a customized, easy-to-use content management system.

For more insights on how our wayfinding technology can be used to deliver incredible guest experiences that boost your brand and increase revenue, call 651-789-1327 or fill out the contact form here.

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