Wayfinding Solutions for Museums and Parks

A day spent visiting a museum or park is full of possibilities, which makes these types of properties quite difficult to navigate. At an amusement park, for example, a visitor must sort through a vast amount of rides, dining, and entertainment options to create their own experience. Unless they’ve done their research ahead of time, it’s  possible to miss out on some “must see” attractions or end up spending time on rides they’re not interested in simply because they stumbled upon them while wandering around.

Adding a digital wayfinding solution to your museum or park can enhance the guest experience by helping visitors make the most of their time. At our interactive kiosks, guests can search for a term like “rollercoaster” and see all of the places in the park associated with that tag. After selecting a destination, an animated map shows the user’s current location and directs them to the most efficient route to their destination. Not only does this reduce frustration and confusion for guests trying to find their way around, it also helps them discover all of the options your property has to offer.

When you work with Express Image Digital to create your wayfinding solution, there’s no limit to the features and functions we can provide to enhance the guest experience, increase revenue opportunities, and boost your brand. Want to learn more? Contact our team today to schedule a consultation.

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