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Retailers Get More With Wayfinding

Engage with our industry-leading experts to deliver unique retail-specific solutions that streamline the shopping experience and provide an interactive wayfinding platform for your customers. Showcase directions and promotions to the most specific product skews while providing a personalized shopping experience delivered in the communication channel the customer prefers. Build trust and authority with your consumers by integrating mobile, desktop, and kiosk-based access to your store!

Our interactive digital wayfinding kiosks do more than enhance the shopper experience, they deliver an ROI by :

  • Delivering search for over 100,000 key words, product categories or designers
  • Integrating with your advertising to display content, commercials, banner ads and custom messaging.
  • Branded to your brand and style guide with pixel-perfect execution
  • Display your competitive differences and unique offerings so your location stands out from the competition
  • Engage shoppers, with custom directory software and turn-by-turn directions
  • Customized CMS to make updating and managing your content easier with consistent messaging across multiple digital channels
  • Omni-channel solutions to ensure seamless experience at all shopper touchpoints, from mobile phone to desktop and instore

Introducing a digital wayfinding solution in your store allows your brand to boost your customer service efforts, increase upsell opportunities, and promote your brand – all with one solution. Contact us today to get started!

retail wayfinding signage.

Shoppers feel welcomed with personalized interactive kiosks, which display intuitive features and functions that guide the user to the information they want in seconds. When you partner with Express Image Digital and our team of retail experts, we create your retail wayfinding solution with a comprehensive software platform for your specific needs by taking the time to discover what items and features your store needs.

Alongside turn-by-turn directions and in-store item locations, Digital ads are displayed with pixel-perfect animation, directing your guests to new products, and promotions that drive sales.

With a customized content management system, your team will be able to manage all of your maps, content, items, and advertisements with ease, providing a more efficient and cost-effective way to keep your interactive directories, mobile app and website updated at all times.

Each solution we create is completely customized to suit your business objectives and provide the best functionality for your users. Our team focuses on creating great UX and UI design, with an added emphasis on designing a solution that fits with your company’s brand standards. Give us a call when you’re ready to schedule a demo!

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