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Control Capacity, Manage Traffic Flow with Contract Tracing

Express-REZ supports reopening post-pandemic strategy that includes managing guest access to venues to keep guests safe, and to provide a great guest experience while maintaining physical distancing. Venue’s can define, track and control the number of guests, groups or employees that are on site at any given time and know how many are expected for tomorrow or this weekend, using a seamless turn-key reservation platform.

Here are some key verticals for Express-REZ:

These are some features and functionality to ensure and manage max capacity, while tracking upcoming reservations, that meets Municipalities capacity framework:

Occupancy Access Configurations

  • Hierarchical: Defined by department, Venue or entire brand
  • Venue/Location: unique and assigned by Venue number
  • Maximum occupancy: total number of people allowed
  • Groups: for employees, third party employees, vendors, etc; the count and quantity are configurable and tracked.
  • Reservation control: days in advance, early entry threshold, time slots, re-entry, entrances, guests per reservation, and restrict reservation area by geolocation (in miles)
  • Occupancy Thresholds: Adjust and adhere to changing Municipality threshold requirements by location or brand; Including real-time tracking
  • Occupant Type: Restrict counts by type, group, and by number of reservations made
  • Entrances: Create, control and assign entrances by location; restrict occupant type access, maximum number of type can enter
  • Time Slots: define start - end time, maximum occupancy count, specify by the type of reservation, including short duration options.
  • Geo-fencing: Define radius by brand or Venue for accepting reservations
  • Manual Groups: generate unique passcode by group, specify count per group, assign time slot(s) for employees, vendors, third-party groups
  • Terms & Conditions: Defined by Venue or by location
  • Will Call: allow walk up guests if max occupancy allows

Delivery Offerings

  • Quick-link: No integration required with this hyperlink available for guests to make reservations; easily shared via email, website and social media and/or printed with QR Code.
  • SDK kit is available to embed Express-REZ in an active mobile app, to create a seamless guest reservations functionality. Through the SDK, your app can provide reservations to guests using their own Android and IOS mobile devices installed and running within five (5) days.
  • Website: Integrate Express-REZ in website, via widget, so Guest’s can create and receive an e-ticket reservation on their mobile phone app or print at home with reservation confirmation details. Guests can create multiple reservations, invite additional guests, share reservation details. All validated prior to entry.
  • Mobile App: Create a new mobile app that is custom designed and branded for Venues that want more out of their mobile app with integrations, mapping, product locator on a turn-key platform. Embedded as just one of the many features available.

Premium Offerings

  • Customized to specific Venue or brand style guide
  • Data Import: import all data into the application
  • SSO Integration: With existing SSO system
  • CMS Integration: Add existing CMS for single source management
  • New Features: Add features or functionality that are unique to brand

Express-REZ is a turn-key application that does not require any integration ideal for venues that want to manage capacity without integrations. Simply share the quick-link and allow guests to make reservations.

Other venues can seamlessly integrate into and existing website or mobile app. This easy to use guest facing solution that will ensure a safe environment for employees and guests.

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