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Grocer Occupancy Management For Safe Social Distant Shopping

EID has created the Express-REZ solution, in response to COVID-19 pandemic, that allows essential businesses (Grocery and Drug Store) to make a reservation to visit a store. Grocers need to track and manage occupancy levels allowing them to stay open responsibly and in a timely manner. That means controlling guest’s access and knowing exactly how many people are on-site at any given time or what occupancy will be for tomorrow. Guest’s expectations are high so grocers need to maintain a keen focus on exceeding customer expectations and delivering personalized experiences without increasing waiting times.

Express Image Digital delivers innovative, location specific communication platform that leverage integrated messaging and guest facing applications. Our team has deep experience and proven expertise in data driven development and ad agency creative competencies that produce unique personalized grocery experiences on a simplified communications delivery platform. Here is how it works:

  • Guest’s can reserve a specific time slot, through the a quicklink or the Grocer’s Mobile App or website to visit the location today or in the next few days. Easily shared and promoted without any integration required and can be deployed in 24 hours or less.
  • Guest’s receive an electronic ticket, on their mobile phone or via email, that is scanned at the entrance, providing entrance to the store.
  • Employees: Are assigned a perpetual ticket, including third party employees, that are included in the live occupancy counts. Tickets can be assigned by department, organization/group and are tracked entry/exit. Specific employee entrances can also be assigned and configured, if needed. 
  • Grocers can configure, set, control and manage occupancy thresholds in real-time to provide a safe and comfortable shopping experience.
  • Grocers thresholds are configurable to control each store independently, as store groups or all stores. Features include real-time people count, time slots durations, reservations setting by hour/day/week, advanced reservations, reservations per user, are available.
  • Upcoming Occupancy: Occupancy is displayed, track for tomorrow or this weekend. Know current occupancy, pending threshold warnings and will-call availability plus re-entry tracking.

There are several options for Grocers to deploy Express-REZ in the existing environment

  • Quick-link: No integration required with this hyperlink available for guests to make reservations; easily shared via email, website and social media. No integration and deployed in 24 hours or less. 
  • SDK kit is available to embed Express-REZ in an active mobile app, to create a seamless shopper reservations functionality. Through the SDK, your app can provide reservations to guests using their own Android and IOS mobile devices installed and running within 3 days.
  • Website: Integrate Express-REZ in grocers website so guests can create and send a ticket reservation to their mobile phone or print at home with reservation details.  Guests can create multiple reservations, invite additional guests, share reservation details. All validated prior to entry.
  • Mobile App: Create a new mobile app that is custom designed and branded for grocers that want more out of their mobile app with integrations, mapping, product locator on a turn-key platform. Of course, Express-REZ is embedded as just one of the many features available.

The entire platform includes turn-key management reporting and analytics that are specifically designed for grocers using Express-REZ with key functionality including:


Set, track and know how many employees and guests are on site, by hour, day, week or at any given time. Track occupancy percentages without exceeding targets. Robust reporting package to track usage, users, guests, employees, no-shows reservations, future reservations are just a few of the existing reporting package.

Content Management System:

Custom CMS for managing the application in stand-alone mode or integrated with your existing Mobile App or Website CMS. Control occupancy settings, employee messaging. Configurable features include occupancy, people counts, time slots durations, reservations per hour/day/week, advanced reservations, number of reservations per user, number of guests/reservations and more.

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