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Mall Occupancy Management For Safe Social Distant Shopping

A leading real estate developer and mall owner wanted to manage occupancy for their two malls, with 1.9 MM and 1.1MM square feet, in the post pandemic environment. They wanted to be socially conscious and economically prudent when reopening the malls to the public. They need to track and manage occupancy levels, for today and tomorrow, allowing them to open responsibly and in a timely manner. That means controlling access and knowing how many people are on-site at any given time, knowing the reservations for tomorrow's visits plus maintaining a focus on exceeding customer expectations and delivering personalized experiences.

To accomplish this, they turned to Express Image Digital to co-create the innovative Express-REZ solution that allows mall guests to visit by making a reservation or appointment. The guest chooses a specific visiting time slot, through a quick link, mall website or existing mobile App, then receives their personalized ticket to enter. Mall operators set and control occupancy thresholds to provide a safe and comfortable shopping experience. Guests arrive at the mall, with their personalized electronic ticket that is scanned at their preferred mall entrance providing a touchless entrance into the mall.

Here are just a few of the key functionality for Express-REZ Mall platform:

  • Guest Access: use a quick link, mobile app or website, to create a reservation by selecting the date, time slot, entrance door, number of guests for their visit. Once complete guests receive an electronic ticket personalized to their selected options. The ticket can be shared with other guests with restrictions. All guest entrances, exists and re-entry are tracked.
  • Employee Access: Employees receive secured access, via a mobile app or website, and receive a perpetual electronic ticket for their assigned work shifts. Mall operators configure and assign the number of employees by store or department. Employees tickets cannot be shared yet will be tracked. Malls can assign employee specific entrances or allow access via public entrances. Employees are allowed to make reservation as guests when not working.
  • Entrances: Security or hosts will be stationed at all entrances to ensure guests have a valid reservation. Guests electronic ticket is scanned and displays green for valid or red for invalid reservations. Current occupancy levels and people counts are displayed in real-time to ensure guidelines are followed.
  • Walk-up: Guests that arrive at the mall without a ticket, can create a “walk-up” reservation, on the quick link, mobile app or on a web browser and will be allowed to enter if occupancy thresholds allow. All people must have a ticket to enter.

Automating the process can be done through utilizing People Counting software that can be integrated into Express-REZ yet this is not required for deploying the solution.

Without People counters

We offer the ability to scan ticket when entering the mall and when exiting to keep an accurate count of the current visitors.

People Counters

Using your people counting application’s API (If available), the solution will keep track of how many people are currently inside your venue to control the flow of visitors holding a reservation and track occupancy.

There are several options for Mall operators to deploy Express-REZ in their existing environment.

  • Quick-link: No integration required with this hyperlink available for guests to make reservations; easily shared via email, website and social media. No integration required and deployed in less than 24 hours. 
  • SDK kit is available to embed Express-REZ in an existing mobile app, to create a seamless shopper reservations functionality. Through the SDK, your app can provide reservations to guests using their own Android and IOS mobile devices installed and running in 2 days.
  • Website: Integrate Express-REZ in malls website so guest’s can create and send a ticket reservation to their mobile phone or print at home, with reservation confirmation that includes time slot requested. Guests can create multiple reservations, invite additional guests, share reservation. 
  • Mobile App: Create a new mobile app that is custom designed and branded for malls that want more out of their mobile app with integrations, mapping, product locator on a turn-key platform. Of course, Express-REZ is embedded as just one of the many features available.

The entire platform includes turn-key management reporting and analytics that are specifically designed for Malls using Express-REZ with key functionality including:


Set, track and know how many employees and guests are on site, by hour, day, week or at any given time and all upcoming reservations. Track occupancy percentages without exceeding targets. Robust reporting package to track future reservations, usage, users, guests, employees, entrance thresholds and no-shows reservations are just a few of the existing reporting package.

Content Management System:

Custom CMS for managing the application in stand-alone mode or integrated with your existing Mobile App or Website CMS. Control occupancy settings, entrance counts and direct employee messaging. Configurable features include occupancy, people counts, time slots durations, reservations per hour/day/week, advanced reservations, number of reservations per user, number of guests/reservations and more.

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