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Hardware management

All-Inclusive Hardware Solutions

When you work with Express Image Digital to develop your wayfinding solution, you won’t have to search for another company to take care of the hardware. We are an end-to-end provider, meaning we can handle every step of the wayfinding solution development, including hardware.

This ensures you get the best possible finished product with the least amount of effort needed on your end. Simply offer your input, and we’ll recommend the optimum solution. Contact us today for more details!

We Have Strong Relationships with Providers

Our focus on building strong relationships with our clients and partners is something that sets us apart in our industry. It also allows us to provide all-in-one solutions – a major benefit for our clients. By working with just one company on all aspects of your wayfinding solution, you can not only feel more confident about the finished product you’ll receive, but also save time, money, and energy in the process.

When it comes to hardware, we have strong relationships with several hardware providers, including panel manufacturers, touchscreen manufacturers, metal manufacturers, etc. This helps us make the ideal hardware recommendation to meet your look, feel, and size needs. We only work with providers that offer quality hardware built to withstand the test of time. Check out our partners here.

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Common Questions About Hardware

Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? We’re happy to provide more details. Please get in touch with us via phone or email.

While our software is compatible with multiple operating systems and hardware configurations, we typically recommend and provide the ideal hardware solution as part of our offering package.
Yes! Although we are an end-to-end provider, we can help with any and all steps of the process to develop a wayfinding solution. We have expertise in hardware procurement, software development, and implementation and maintenance best practices.
Absolutely. We can secure hardware from our various partners that is meant to function in any type of weather, from freezing cold Minnesota winters to strong UV rays in sunny climates.

We bring even more value when it comes to outdoor kiosks because of the experience we have making sure that the enclosures withstand the elements and provide ample brightness on the displays.
Outdoor enclosures can be designed with protection features against dust, dirt, water, and extreme temperatures. AC units and heaters can be incorporated into the hardware design when needed.
We source screens of all shapes and sizes from a variety of providers. They are all commercial-grade screens meant for 24-hour use.
Yes! A Nit is a measurement of how much light a screen sends to your eyes within a given area. The screens we use are 3,000-5,000 Nits, meaning they provide ample brightness for clear visibility in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Express Image Digital provides prefabricated or custom enclosures with commercial-grade screens for indoor and outdoor use. We work with multiple providers to offer the right solution to achieve your business objectives. Want to learn more? We’re happy to schedule a consultation!

Who We Are

We are driven by a passion to make business and consumer information live, visually interesting, and easy to use and understand through our digital wayfinding solutions. Let us create a custom solution that transforms your guest experience! Give us a call at 651.237.5677, or fill out the contact form here to start a conversation.

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