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Maintenanceand Support

Highly Engaged Maintenance and Support

When you invest in a wayfinding solution, maintenance and support for the technology is very important, yet often overlooked. Many companies will design a solution for you, but their work stops once it has been implemented – leaving you to search for IT help if an issue arises. Even if your units experience no technical difficulties, why would you want to “set it and forget it” when you can have a solution that continues to improve over time?

Express Image Digital is an end-to-end developer, meaning we handle every aspect of your wayfinding solution, including support and maintenance. When we approach a new project, we focus on creative ways to customize your solution in a way that satisfies your business objectives and unique needs. And once your units are up and running, our work isn’t done. We stay connected to ensure your solution is always updated, functioning properly, and maximizing its potential.

If you’re looking for a groundbreaking solution and a dedicated partner, let’s start a conversation! You can reach us via phone or email.

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Strong Analytics

We track every touch that happens on the solutions we design and build, from what buttons are being used to what search terms are the most frequent, and even the demographics of the users. Then we use that information to continually improve the solution experience. For example, if we notice not many people are using a text-to-phone feature to map their routes after visiting the wayfinding kiosk, we ask ourselves “Why?” Is the function easy enough to find in the interface? Is there a better way to phrase the call to action? We are constantly looking for ways to enhance your guest experience and make the units easier for your operators to manage.

Having the right analytics can also help influence your business decisions. Whatever your objectives may be, we tailor what analytics we can give based off that, and deliver regular reports that are relevant to you. Different analytics can be tied into the solution – contact us today for more details!

Health Checks

Instead of waiting for something to go wrong with your solution – which would be very challenging to detect anyway – we perform complex and in-depth health checks on your system regularly. This allows us to predict whether a unit is having problems or should be checked out by a professional. If there is an issue and your company doesn’t have it’s own IT department, we’re happy to provide support.

We Build Real, Authentic Partnerships

When you work with Express Image Digital, you get a full-service partner. Our support model includes key metrics to drive continuous application improvement, so your solution will only become more useful and advanced over time. Interested to learn more? Please contact us today to schedule a demo.

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