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Software Functionality

Superior Software Functionality

At Express Image Digital,  we approach every project with a completely custom solution by providing the most comprehensive software for your specific needs. Our software includes a tailored user interface, advanced analytics, interactive mapping, text-to-phone capabilities, and numerous other features.

When we begin collaborating with you on a solution, our primary focus is discovering which features and functions are needed in your space. We believe guest experience and operator management ease are the most important components of a successful digital wayfinding solution. While there are endless features and functions we could incorporate into your interface, it doesn’t make sense to include things your users won’t actually use or enjoy. This only clutters the design and makes it more frustrating and time consuming for people to find what they are looking for.

We’ve found that the best way to determine the necessary features and functions for your business is by conducting guest and stakeholder surveys at individual centers and at the corporate level. We talk with people who work in your space in all capacities, from the head of guest services to marketing directors and translators. The information we collect gives us a better understanding of your processes and helps us analyze expectations so we can create a tailored user interface.

Once we get your digital wayfinding units up and running, our work is never done. We continue to provide support and maintenance resources, perform proactive system “health checks,” and use software analytics to continually upgrade your wayfinding solution. If you’re looking for a truly custom experience with a full-service, dedicated partner, contact us today to get started!

Shopper using wayfinding map.

Why Our Software is the Best

When we approach a new wayfinding solution, our mission is to:

  • Enhance your guest experience.
  • Increase your revenue opportunities.
  • Provide a professional and intuitive look and feel that adheres to your brand guidelines.

Although every solution we provide is completely custom, there are overarching elements you’ll find in all of our design-builds:

Interactive wayfinding provides immediate information at the user’s fingertips and reduces the requirement for staff to assist in directing visitors to their desired location.
Along with user experience, we are always thinking about how to make the user interface easier and almost effortless for you to manage. Your team should be able to change the tenant data or add new categories to the solution without our assistance. 
We also like to look for ways we can make the technology do more for you. During the discovery process, we keep an open mind in terms of what other processes or applications we can integrate into your wayfinding solution that will save you time and energy in other areas of your business.
We track every touch that happens on our units, such as what guests are touching, what paths they’re taking, and even their age, gender, and other demographics. We compile this data into relevant reports, which can be used to improve your business your wayfinding solution to work better for you and your guests.
Our user interfaces enable guests to search by name, category, and brand. Once they’ve made a selection, an interactive, animated map shows the route to their destination. Users can also pan, zoom, and rotate the map to get acquainted with the property. As with all of our services, our mapping options are completely customized; we will provide recommendations based on your objectives.
Our mapping options provide text-to-phone capabilities for users to “take the solution with you.” There are many different options for this, from mobile-web (texting a link to your phone that opens the same route) all the way to us developing a mobile app that uses beacons for live blue dot wayfinding throughout the center.
We take whatever data you have internally on different retailers or different aspects of your space to create a smart search function that will pull up all the locations in the space that are related to whatever the user searches. For example, a search for “shoes” would turn up all the stores in a shopping center that sell shoes. There is an AI learning component to our search function so it gets even smarter over time.

Unequaled Passion. Dedicated Focus.

Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Express Image Digital is redefining the wayfinding experience. Our end-to-end software, hardware, and creative design offerings deliver great guest experiences and include the most comprehensive software feature and integration options. Let’s start a conversation! We’re happy to tell you more about our services and answer any questions.

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