Aligning Social Distancing: A long-term strategy

Social distancing strategy is to reduce the contact between people to stymie virus transmission with six to ten feet of separation and is the recommended solution to viruses according to the CDC.

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Digital Wayfinding: A Powerful Omnichannel Marketing Tool for Your Business

Is your brand message reaching and engaging your audience? Express Image Digital explains the benefits of using digital wayfinding and content management to build omnichannel customer experiences.

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Creating Engaging Digital Content: 6 Tips for Success

Are you creating engaging digital content, or is your audience passing it by? Learn tips for creating appealing, interactive content from the digital wayfinding experts at Express Image Digital.

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3 Tips for Increasing Audience Engagement With Digital Signage

Learn how to design your digital wayfinding to boost audience engagement, establish brand loyalty, and boost your bottom line. Express Image Digital discusses how to refine your content approach for increased user interaction.

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Express Image Digital at HIMSS EXPO 2020! Booth 480-09

Express Image Digital will be showcasing our new Healthcare solution at Booth 480-09 at the HIMSS EXPO 2020! Come see our solution and talk with our experienced thought leaders about digital wayfinding and indoor intelligence! We will also be speaking on the patient experience at the Consumerism Patient Pavilion Wednesday 3/11 11:45am! Thomas Patchin will be speaking about the various specialties that Top Wire hospitals employ to create a positive patient experience! If you're interested in a one on one with our solution make sure to reach out to us here!



3 Important Metrics Your Digital Wayfinding Solutions Helps You Track

Express Image Digital explains how digital wayfinding solutions help you track several of your organization’s most important metrics, so you can use actionable data to continually improve your guest engagement.

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Tourism & Digital Wayfinding: Improving the Traveler Experience

Does your business cater to visitors? Learn how digital wayfinding can improve your guest experience from the experts at Express Image Digital.

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Employee Highlight: Cher

Today at Express Image Digital we’re taking a look into our favorite our favorite Chief Experience Officer! Cher!

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Raising Rent: Using Digital Wayfinding Data To Boost Your Bottom Line

Are you pricing your facility rent based on guest traffic data? If not, you could be leaving money on the table. The experts at Express Image Digital explain how digital wayfinding analytics can boost your bottom line.

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Does Design Matter? Tips for Selecting Your Digital Wayfinding or Signage Display

When implementing digital wayfinding and signage, user-focused, aesthetic design is critical for success. The experts at Express Image Digital detail tips for selecting a successful digital display. 

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