With many organizations, it is common to have multiple non-integrated content management systems. Typically, these systems create silos within departmental teams, add frustration in learning multiple systems plus complexity and costs in managing these various systems.


With our customized content management system, your entire assets and analytics can be hosted and managed all in one place to provide a single source of truth (SSOT).


A recent study conducted by Adaptive Insights indicates that 69% of CFO’s believe siloed data is one of the biggest financial mistakes most organizations make. It also states that many organizations are establishing a strategy to achieve a single source of truth for their data.


Through the Express Image Proven Process, we work with small and large corporate teams to develop systems that satisfy the needs of all members, from marketing to finance, through our customized content management system.



If you’d like to learn more about a Single Source of Truth and the benefits this can provide to your organization, let’s connect today!