Are you looking for a way to improve how campus residents and guests find their way around your campus and how they learn about different events? If so, our services at Express Image Digital are perfect for you. Helping your students and faculty find their way around is a great way to create a happy, peaceful campus, while also encouraging others to commit to the campus and school itself. But how do you do this? College campuses are massive, and it can be difficult to create a wayfinding system that is user-friendly and easy to understand. However, when you come to Express Image Digital, we’ll sit down with you to create a unique solution that meets your needs and improves the lives of everyone who comes to your campus. So, what does this involve?

Mapping the University Campus

Creating an interactive campus map can be time consuming and expensive, but with the help of our mapping experts at Express Image Digital, we can simplify the process and make it easier. When you utilize our mapping services, we'll sit down with you and to understand your objectives and how detailed you need your map to be. Our resources include digitizing University CAD-drawing to map the indoor layout of the buildings, or to include outdoor points of interest like stadiums, bus-train stops, and student centers or anything else you want to be included in your map. From there, we’ll establish how interactive you want the system to be and more. Creating this digital map layout and having it broadcast across several platforms is difficult, but with the right system, like Wayfinding-Plus we will make it work. Then, we’ll install custom kiosk enclosures throughout the campus, to help your students, their families, visitors and faculty members find what they are looking for with personalized turn-by-turn directions. Wayfinding systems are a great way to share upcoming events, key messaging, or emergency alerts all designed to improve your campus experience that will reduce frustration. 

Incorporating Events and Logos

Another benefit of our Wayfinding-Plus systems is that they can be designed to add additional features, which can increase your awareness and potential revenue with some return on investment. These wayfinding systems can have banners ads to show advertisements that encourage users to explore more of your campus and students to attend events. With this benefit, you don’t need to invest in separate advertising and marketing tools and can reach a broader audience by dispersing these systems across campus or integrate it with an app or other interface to give a more individualistic experience. To learn more Wayfinding-Plus and our complete line of College and Universities digital solutions, please contact us today.


Contact Express Image Digital Today

If you’re looking to improve the satisfaction of members of your campus and campus guests by investing in wayfinding systems, contact Express Image Digital today. We take pride in providing custom solutions for each of our customers, and we know we can help you enhance your campus. To learn more or request a demo, give us a call at 651-237-5677 or message us on our contact page today.