Technology is always evolving and digital signage is no exception. While certain traditional digital signage design approaches are certainly effective, embracing newer concepts as they evolve is key to keeping your customers and guests engaged.


What can you do to create eye-catching, engaging digital signage that keeps your audience coming back for more? The experts at Express Image Digital share tips below. 


Research Brand Design

The first step in creating engaging, aesthetically pleasing digital content is research. You can start by getting a good grasp of the brand’s style guide, including the visual style, appropriate colors, and required content. If you don’t yet have brand guidelines, it’s always a good idea to create a style guide to define logo usage rules on digital signage, appropriate font usage, and brand color schemes.


Create a Content Outline

To determine the scope of your project, you’ll need to create an outline that details the types of content you want to include in a digital signage solution. The content outline allows you to determine how the information will be displayed and viewed, so you can design the appropriate content layouts for different sizes of signage.


Embody the Observer

When creating your digital signage design, put yourself in the shoes of the viewer — what do you want to see? Which size fonts would be most appropriate? How far away can you stand while clearly seeing the content? What kind of color contrasts attract attention without being overwhelming? Always think about how your audience will interact with your messaging, so your final content design accommodates their needs.


Create Mockups

Brainstorm potential ideas and get those ideas on paper in a visual format. It’s always a good idea to come up with several alternative designs and start getting feedback as early as possible in the process. If something doesn’t display quite right or look as eye-catching as you imagined, you’ll have plenty of options to play with.


Tie It All Together

Once you’ve created mockups, it’s time to start testing and evaluating your designs. Get as much outside feedback as you can to determine what observers do and don’t like. Try not to take feedback personally — the design isn’t for you, it’s for the observer, the customer.


After you’ve exhausted your design ideas and determined which are most pleasing and engaging to the observer, it’s time to finalize your mockups. Make sure you finalize them for every screen size you’ll be using before you begin building out your displays. After that, it’s time to publish your designs and engage with your audience!


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