As the healthcare industry shifts from volume-based care to a value-based care model, patients are now more discerning than ever when it comes to making healthcare decisions. While volume-based care placed little focus on improving the patient experience — instead, defining success by high profit margins — patient experience is a cornerstone of the value-based model.


Healthcare facilities understand improving the patient experience is critical for their future success and digital signage offers a versatile tool for helping to drive those improvements. Read on to learn just a few of the ways interactive digital signage can enhance the healthcare experience and improve patient satisfaction. 


Interactive Hospital Wayfinding Improves Public Safety

Concerns about Covid-19 still affect many patients who visit healthcare facilities for routine and emergency medical services. Since hospitals harbor the sickest Covid patients, individuals who check in for non-Covid-related reasons are understandably worried about potential contact with infected and asymptomatic persons as they navigate through the facility.


That’s where interactive wayfinding and signage displays come in.


Interactive digital wayfinding kiosks and signage help patients and hospital guests find their way efficiently throughout the facility with zero face-to-face contact. Users simply search for their destination on the wayfinding interface, get turn-by-turn directions sent to their smartphone, and navigate to where they need to go — all while maintaining social distancing.


What about patients and guests who aren’t keen on touching stuff? Touchless digital interfaces are an excellent option for patients and visitors who are wary of coming into contact with heavily used touchscreens. Voice commands, QR code scanning, gesturing mirroring technology, and other software make navigation contactless and easier than ever. 


Digital Solutions Reduce Perceived Wait Times

One of the greatest gripes about visiting healthcare facilities is excessive wait time. In fact, in a 2018 study conducted by Vitals, 30% of respondents said they’ve left a doctor’s appointment before seeing their provider because the wait time was too long.


Interactive digital signage provides a solution to the issue of long wait time by providing patients with a diversion. While hospitals may not have the resources to reduce actual wait times significantly, they can use entertainment to reduce perceived wait times. One study found that digital signage is capable of decreasing perceived wait times by up to 35%.


Interactive Digital Wayfinding Kiosks Empower Patients

Patients want more involvement in their healthcare experience, and digital solutions give them the opportunity to have that. With interactive kiosks, patients can perform a number of tasks historically reserved healthcare representatives, including:


●        Check in for appointments

●        Fill out new intake forms

●        Update their records and personal information

●        Set appointment reminders

●        Much more


Because personalization is a cornerstone of the digital wayfinding experience, kiosks are also capable of using data to display customized information that’s relevant to the patient’s needs. Ultimately, kiosks provide user-friendly, rapid, and efficient patient support, while allowing patients to take multiple aspects of their experience into their own hands.


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