Interactive digital signage is a massive market and it’s growing rapidly. From retail, healthcare, and hospitality to educational campuses, corporate campuses, airports, and more, numerous industries are quickly adopting the technology.




Because the world is going digital, and no one wants to lag behind. Whether it’s meant for internal use or it’s a public-facing installation, this rapidly expanding technology offers companies of all kinds a highly versatile tool for enhancing communications.


But is it all just hype? Are businesses scrambling after a trend that’s bound to die? Is interactive digital signage the MySpace of the communications world? You be the judge — take a look at the following digital signage statistics and decide for yourself.


Digital Signage Statistics: Retail

Of all the industries adopting digital signage, retail is growing the fastest, and it’s not difficult to see why. Digital signage draws in customers, offers advertising opportunities, builds brand awareness, increases consumer engagement, and provides personalized service.


Retail shoppers love digital signage and retailers are reaping the benefits. Take a look at these statistics for proof:


●        Over 40% of shoppers say that personalized information, delivered at the point of service by digital signage displays, has influenced their purchasing decisions.


●        Eight out of 10 shoppers admit to entering a specific store because an eye-catching digital sign caught their gaze.


●        Customers who engage with brands through multiple different channels drive up to three times more sales than customers who don’t engage through a variety of channels. Digital signage can help retailers engage with customers through multiple channels.


●        80% of adult shoppers reported seeing a digital sign in the last month; 70% of those shoppers made an unplanned purchase influenced by what they saw.


Digital Signage Statistics: Healthcare

As medical centers grow larger, and the senior population grows faster than any other age group, healthcare facilities stand to benefit greatly from interactive digital wayfinding and signage. Patients stand to benefit too.


Take a look at the following statistics that prove just how advantageous digital signage can be for healthcare facilities:


●        78% of patients claim they prefer to utilize digital health solutions whenever possible.


●        75% of patients and caregivers say the messaging they see on digital signage provides useful health information and enhances their hospital experience.


●        Hospitals throw away roughly $12 billion annually due to inefficient communication. Digital signage is designed to streamline communication throughout facilities.


●        75% of people who viewed digital signage displays in healthcare facilities could recall the messaging they saw. 


Digital Signage Statistics: Hospitality

Interactive digital signage is an excellent way to command guests’ attention as soon as they arrive at any hospitality venue. Since visitors form their opinion of a venue within a mere 10 minutes of arrival, making an outstanding first impression is critical.


Check out these hospitality digital signage stats:


●        55% of travelers claim they’re more likely to visit a hotel that has self-check-in kiosks.


●        80% of hotel guests say they would love convenient access to information about amenities and venue hours. Digital signage is an excellent way to display this information.


●        78% of travelers say they’re looking to engage with maps of the areas they travel to. Interactive digital displays can provide maps of both the venue itself, as well as nearby attractions.


Curious How Interactive Digital Solutions Can Help Your Business Thrive?

If you’re looking to improve the way your business communicates, enhance productivity, and drive profits, implementing digital signage and interactive wayfinding software is an excellent way to achieve those goals. At Express Image Digital, we provide end-to-end wayfinding and signage solutions for businesses in a wide variety of markets, so get in touch with us today to learn more about what we do for your facility.


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