In regards to healthcare facilities all around the world, incorporating efficient, accessible, and interactive digital signage software is crucial for creating a more accommodating patient environment and experience. It’s a big part of the reason that digital signage continues to increase in popularity in a wide variety of industries, with 70% of Americans reporting that they’ve either seen or utilized a digital signage display in the past month.


That being said, it takes more than just sufficient content and locations in order for digital wayfinding signage to be successfully implemented. Understanding how effective creative design complements digital signage content and physical placement can allow hospital patients to have a more informative and personalized curated experience. It’s what makes the digital display more visually appeasing, which in turn helps enhance translation of any informative healthcare-related content to the user.


To understand just how much a little attention to detail can go a long way, here are a few digital signage design tips that will help make your digital signage content as effective as possible within your healthcare facility.

Simplicity Equals Sophistication

More often than not, the content or message you’re trying to convey through your hospital digital signage is valuable or urgent information. To adequately deliver the importance of your content, your digital signage needs a design display that doesn’t bombard the reader with information, as well as doesn’t overwhelm them with visual stimulation.


Finding the perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication is how to best channel your digital signage content. Vibrant colors, exotic fonts, multiple photos; all of these design aspects will more often than not turn off readers, hence your message gets lost in all the clutter.

Find Your Font

The biggest rules of thumb when it comes to choosing a font for the content of your digital signage are fairly obvious, yet all the more essential: make it legible, and stick to a select few.


Essentially, you want to find a font that’s easy to read, without compromising the value of the content. This basically means finding a middle ground between Comic Sans and cursive, as the former can come across as tacky, while the latter may not be legible to many patients. You also want your fonts to be big and bold, but without taking up the entire digital signage screen, so the message can be focused on and emphasized.

Front & Center

An easy way to remember how to best convey the text of your digital signage content is through the 3x5 rule. This rule refers to having no more than three separate lines of text, with no more than five words per line, to help keep your message centralized and easy to focus the eyes upon.


The 3x5 rule doesn’t necessarily apply to every piece of content your digital signage displays, but specifically should be considered with more urgent forms of healthcare-related content, such as any emergency updates, check-in time notifications, upcoming events, or department and office closure announcements.

Color Correction

Displaying dull, black and white-colored messages on your digital signage is clearly a surefire way to turn off readers. That being said, you also don’t want them to be forced to stare at a vibrant, rainbow-like arrangement of colors that will only serve as visual clutter, especially patients with sensitive eye sight.


Try to keep in mind these color pattern recommendations when showcasing your digital signage content:


●        Only utilize colors for contrast and clarity.

●        Use dark-colored font on light-colored backgrounds, or vice versa.

●        Use a maximum of three different colors per slide.

●        Eyes are most sensitive to red and green colors, while least sensitive to blue.

Step Back & Take a Look

Once the content of your hospital digital signage has been curated and designed, be sure to preview the display yourself, keeping an eye out for any potential elements that could be perceived as visually displeasing to the average waiting room patient.


Be sure to read and assess the signage from multiple distances, ensuring that everything is legible, centralized, and elegantly displayed.

Creative Design Solutions for Healthcare Digital Signage

Making sure your content and message is appropriately perceived, acknowledged, and engaged upon is crucial to investing in proficient digital signage. If you’re in need of creative design solutions for interactive wayfinding software, Express Image is here to help!


We specialize in curating effective, striking, and ADA-compliant content for your digital signage displays, so your readers can stay informed, educated, and entertained. Contact us today to request a free demo of our services, or give us a call at 651-237-6577 to speak directly with one of our creative design experts.