It’s no secret that we spend an extensive amount of time on our phones everyday. But how we divide up that time is in the smartphone of the beholder, and no matter what industry your business serves, chances are investing in proper mobile app development software will drastically improve your odds of enhancing your brand and drawing more attention to your company.


In fact, 88% of time spent on smartphones is spent on using apps, with nearly 50% of all smartphone users opening at least 11 mobile apps every day. Businesses of all industries and sizes have started to reap the benefits of developing their own mobile apps, with 42% of small businesses in the U.S. having their own smartphone app. Whether you’re trying to better reach your target audience or looking to provide your clients with more custom content design, there are ample opportunities to boost your brand through professional mobile app development services.


But what truly makes for a top quality, highly-usable mobile app? From intuitive, responsive app design to QR code scanner integration, take a look at six of the most innovative features for developing a more user-friendly mobile app.

1) Responsive Design and Interface

While everyone has their own smartphone, they also have different kinds of phones, meaning your mobile app needs to be usable on a variety of mobile devices, softwares, and platforms. Your mobile app needs to automatically adjust to varying screen sizes and resolutions, specifically with scalable text, buttons, and drop-down menus, as well as be entirely simple to access and navigate.

2) Search and Privacy Options

Not everyone is equal when it comes to their knowledge and experience with smartphones. Including a search bar within your mobile app so users can directly type in their inquiries can eliminate any confusion with any less-than-tech-savvy users. It’s also a great idea to incorporate more privacy settings and options, specifically when it comes to tracking usage and data, as being upfront and transparent with your app users will only work toward increasing their trust in your brand.

3) QR Code Scanning

From promotional offers to product assistance, implementing QR code scanning features on your mobile app will allow for users to experience easier access to downloading exclusive content or reaching out for customer assistance. In addition to saving time for the user, QR codes are ideal for enhancing your digital marketing efforts, as they can allow users to instantly follow your social media accounts, subscribe to email notifications, or direct them to specific landing pages on your company’s website.

4) Push Notification Options

Providing your app users with the options to receive push notifications means you can stay in better touch with them, even when they aren’t actively using your mobile app software. Whether you’re a retail store wanting to remind shoppers that your exclusive sale ends in a few hours, or you’re a restaurant offering free dessert coupons exclusively for mobile app users, push notifications provide for superior direct marketing tools.

5) Voice Recognition Features

These days, more and more people are utilizing voice and speech recognition features on smartphone apps, for a simpler user experience. For your customers, clients, or patients who are living with a disability or have limited mobility of their hands and fingers, offering them the chance to take advantage of any voice recognition features will go above and beyond in terms of customer service.

6) Feedback Opportunities

Allowing your mobile app users to grant you instant feedback is a feature that will only benefit both parties. For starters, your app users are the ones who are constantly navigating their way around your app’s features, meaning they’ll notice when any design issues should arise. You’ll also be able to hear directly from your customers and target audience, meaning you can better cater your mobile app to their needs.

Custom Mobile App Development from Express Image Digital

In today’s world, keeping up with the latest digital wayfinding trends is essential to ensuring you’re delivering optimal customer service. If you’re in the market for creating a mobile app for your small business, Express Image Digital has the team, experience, and resources necessary to help you build a better app that offers an exceptional user experience. Contact us today to request a demo of our mobile app development services!