As mobile app development software continues to evolve, more and more companies are taking advantage of all the marketing capabilities possible by connecting with their customers’ smartphones. One of the ways mobile app branding has proved its value is through the rise of QR codes, which have revolutionized the way companies have been able to reach their target audience, especially in a touchless, post-COVID world.


QR codes present a variety of promotional and branding opportunities, making it easier than ever for consumers to do everything from follow their favorite brands on social media to obtaining exclusive discounts, all with a few clicks and swipes of their phone. In fact, reports indicate that over 86% of smartphone users have scanned a QR Code at least once in their lifetime, with 36% reporting to at least scan one QR Code every week.


As more businesses have embraced QR code marketing, there’s also been an emergence of implementing QR code technology with digital signage marketing. This makes total sense, as the strategic placement and accessibility of digital signage makes it as convenient as possible for shoppers, visitors, or passerby to notice and engage with any QR code displays.


But how exactly do QR codes and digital signage work together? Here are a few of the ways QR codes are quickly becoming the future of digital signage marketing strategies.

Direct Content Marketing

Perhaps the biggest advantage QR codes can provide is the ability for companies to directly market engaging, informative, and brand-enhancing content, straight to a customer’s smartphone.


When your digital signage displays prominently features a completely accessible QR code on the screen, you have the opportunity to connect with any consumer, offering them a variety of direct content marketing options, ranging from:


●        Social media QR code links

●        Direct access to your company website

●        Downloadable menus, inventory updates, or product descriptions

●        Links to your company’s mobile app

●        Downloadable coupons, discounts, or other promotional offers

●        Access to extensive information regarding any specific products or services

●        Subscription options for email newsletters or rewards programs


The ways you can directly market branded content toward your customers utilizing QR codes on digital signage displays is seemingly infinite!

Interactive Engagement

What truly makes QR codes a revolutionary marketing tool is the fact that customers can essentially take your store, business, or brand with them, wherever they go. It’s easy to think of QR codes as a direct portal for users to engage with your brand, and displaying them on accessible, conveniently-placed digital signage screens is an easy way to draw attention toward these customer engagement opportunities.


With just a snapshot of their smartphone, customers can interact and engage with your brand and business however they please, providing you with a direct channel to promote relevant content or services that cater to their consumer needs. Essentially, QR codes serve as digital business cards that invite customers to interactively engage with every aspect of your brand.

Track and Analyze Engagement

Another marketing advantage that both QR codes and digital signage provide for businesses is the means of tracking and measuring customer engagement, usage, and overall satisfaction. From what types of smartphones your customers use, to average mobile app usage times, to demographic breakdowns, to ROI analytics, there are practically infinite ways you can monitor and adjust to the ways your consumers are engaging with your brand.


Having these analytic tools at your disposal will only work toward providing you the necessary solutions to appease their needs and improve their overall customer satisfaction and experience.

Spread the Word

In addition to reaching more customers and building more brand awareness, QR codes allow users to spread the word about your business themselves, through a variety of mediums. They can text, share, or link these digital barcodes with all of their peers, creating a marketing chain otherwise unattainable through traditional advertising methods.


With just a scan of the code, consumers can retweet your promotions, share branded content with their followers, or email your rewards program to all of their contacts.

Digital Signage Marketing Solutions From Express Image Digital

QR codes are just one of the ways digital signage can boost your brand and help your business better connect with your customer base. At Express Image Digital, we specialize in working with clients from all industries to understand all the ways they can enhance their marketing potential through professional digital signage services.


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