With all the choices consumers have today, meeting or exceeding guest expectations has become increasingly challenging for many industries. Companies must consistently update their offerings in order to enhance guest experiences, which are more important than ever. Delivering a positive guest experience helps build loyalty more effectively than rewards systems or discounts. Delivering a negative guest experience can threaten your reputation.


If you’re looking for an innovative solution to enhance guest experience in your space, it’s time you get the know Express Image Digital. We create interactive digital solutions to help accommodation providers deliver meaningful guest experiences, among other objectives. You tell us your business objectives, and we design and build custom digital solutions to help you meet them. We are consultants with proven results in delivering customer experiences that are meaningful and relevant as defined by the customer, not the brand.


Enhance Guest Experience

Our interactive digital wayfinding solutions are a great example of how our products can help improve guest experience in airports, malls, stadiums, hospitals, and other places that regularly accommodate large crowds. Getting to know your facility or campus helps us determine how to enhance guest experience in your space. We’ll work closely with you to define areas to improve and custom-design a digital solution.


Influence Customer Behavior

Digital solutions, such as digital signage or wayfinding kiosks, can influence customer loyalty and other behaviors. Our work has proven that when customers have digital solutions that reduce their confusion and frustrations, they’ll have a positive experience and want to stay longer, return another time, or tell a friend about their great experience. Digital solutions can also influence customers to check out new vendors, promotions, events, or anything you want to highlight.


Communicate Relevant Information

With the ability to update all platforms from one content management system, our digital solutions can be used to communicate messages across your entire facility or campus. This is useful not only for emergencies, but also for weather updates, lost and found items, promotions, events, introducing new vendors… the list goes on.


Build on Brand Identity

Establishing a unique and consistent brand voice and identity is increasingly important for modern companies. Our digital solutions are custom-designed to adhere to your brand standards, and as an end-to-end developer, we’ll handle every aspect of your project. Keeping all of your digital solutions with one provider will help you deliver that all-important omni-channel customer service.


Creates ROI Specific to Each Brand or Customer

Along with making customers feel appreciated, providing a great guest experience has tangible benefits. Customers are willing to pay more for great experiences, and they’re likely to share their experiences with friends or on social media. On the other hand, a single negative experience can drive customers away for good or cause them to write a scathing review online. In this way, ROI is different for each customer. If just one influential person has a great experience with our digital solutions, the impact can be great.


Unique and Unmatched UI/UX

Our interactive technology provides immediate information at the user’s fingertips and reduces the requirement for staff to assist in directing visitors to their desired locations. Along with user experience, we are always thinking about how to make the user interface easier and almost effortless for operators to manage. We want our clients to be able to easily change tenant data or add new categories to their solution.


Culturally Committed to Long-Term Partnerships

Building real and authentic partnerships is what we’re all about. We work closely with our clients to understand their business objectives and pain points. Every digital solution we create is tailor-made to the client’s unique needs.


Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Express Image Digital is redefining the wayfinding experience. Our end-to-end software, hardware, and creative design offerings deliver great guest experiences and include the most comprehensive software features and integration options. Let’s start a conversation! We’re happy to tell you more about our services and answer any questions.