In the modern workplace, employee engagement has become a high priority, and for good reason. Organizations with high employee engagement—a measurement of how involved, enthusiastic, and committed employees are to their work and company—not only have strong company cultures, they also perform at higher levels. Gallup says businesses with engaged employees experience higher productivity, better retention, fewer accidents, and higher profitability, among other benefits.


If improving company culture is a goal for your business, employee engagement should be your main focus. And if you’re looking for ways to boost employee engagement, technology is a surefire way to get there.


Why? Because more than one in three people in the U.S. workforce is a millennial!


This means America’s workforce is becoming increasingly digitally literate. At the same time, millennials demand more than just a paycheck. They crave work environments that offer flexibility, advancement opportunities, work that’s both inspiring and challenging, and of course, dynamic company culture.


If you want to become an employer of choice, start introducing innovative technology that increases productivity and drives employee engagement. As digital solutions experts, we highly recommend interactive wayfinding, which provides endless opportunities for integrated building technologies. Wayfinding can enhance company culture by...


●        Alleviating Frustrations

If your company operates in a large building or on a corporate campus, interactive digital wayfinding can ease daily frustrations for all levels of staff, visitors, and clients. With step-by-step instructions, dynamic mapping, and text-to-phone capabilities, a wayfinding solution makes finding a conference room, restroom, or quiet work space not only simple and more efficient, it can make the navigation experience fun.


●        Enhancing Experiences

Digital wayfinding does so much more than prevent people from getting lost. It’s an innovative way to entertain and communicate with everyone across a facility. Imagine  employees arriving for the day and being greeted with a welcoming message, then receiving notifications about important updates, events, or company news. Sharing messages throughout the day can help keep employees informed, while also lightening the mood and providing a positive experience for everyone who sets foot in your space.


●        Reinforcing Your Brand

The screens on digital wayfinding kiosks can be used to display your company logo and messaging in pixel-perfect quality, reinforcing your brand and driving home your company’s mission. Custom UX and UI design and animation can capture your brand’s style and culture, inspiring all who enter and reminding employees what their purpose is for working there.


●        Influencing Behavior

By using custom design and messaging, you can convey a desired feeling or influence employees’ behavior. For example, if there’s a company culture event coming up that you want everyone to attend, you could show eye-catching photo and video from previous years, and include persuasive messaging that encourages readers to RSVP.


Engaged employees are the key to driving business results and a healthy company culture. If your business is looking for ways to engage employees and create a modern workplace for them, invest in technology that promotes new ways to communicate, enhanced collaboration, knowledge and learning, and productivity. Wayfinding offers all of the above to build immersive, effective experiences.


As an end-to-end developer, Express Image Digital can provide an all-in-one wayfinding solution for your company. Working with one provider to handle every aspect of your solution ensures a superior final product and saves you time, money, and energy. Check out some of our work here, and give us a call when you’re ready to get started!