If you’re in the healthcare industry, you know the importance of staying current with technological trends. A modern, interactive facility not only conveys your dedication to patient satisfaction but also improves the efficiency of your staff and day-to-day operations. For many patients, simply entering a healthcare facility can be a nerve-wracking ordeal. To help your patients have the best experience possible—and to see your revenue reflect that—digital signage and interactive wayfinding are a provider’s ideal solution. Express Image Digital explains the benefits of this comprehensive, patient-centered technology.


What Does Digital Wayfinding Include?

Digital signage for healthcare facilities can be as in-depth as desired, depending on the facility’s needs. Interactive signage consists of multiple media display screens or consoles placed strategically throughout your facility. These displays may convey important information, guide patients and visitors, increase patient engagement, streamline operations, and support a productive work environment. A typical digital signage solution may include the following features:

  • Interactive wayfinding kiosk
  • Video display screens
  • Touch screen portals
  • Digital information displays
  • Patient education information and event notifications

Expediting Patient and Visitor Navigation

In a large healthcare facility setting such as a hospital, digital wayfinding helps streamline the patient and visitor navigation process. Most patients and visitors will agree that visiting a hospital is generally stressful. Attempting to navigate through crowded hallways, across numerous floors, and even between buildings can make an already anxious situation worse.


Interactive wayfinding can alleviate this issue by providing digital, interactive maps that guide each facility visitor to their intended destination. With the increasing proportion of the aging and elderly population, digital wayfinding can dramatically decrease confusion, anxiety, and missed appointments.


Improves the Efficiency of Healthcare Employees

Because there is a limited number of staff on duty at any given time, increasing employee productivity is always a pressing concern for healthcare providers. Interactive wayfinding helps boost employee productivity by freeing up time spent assisting facility visitors. Whether patients or visitors are checking in or out, digital signage solutions can expedite the process. While they wait to be seen, patients can also schedule future appointments, update their records, print appointment reminders, and view important documents, all without the assistance of a facility employee.

Hospital Wayfinding

Digital Wayfinding and Signage From Express Image Digital

If you’re considering interactive wayfinding or digital signage for your healthcare facility, look no further than Express Image Digital. Because we’re an omnichannel provider, we assist you in creating a cohesive, fully-integrated consumer experience. With the increasing reliance on telehealth, healthcare facilities are moving toward a heavy reliance on digital information and implementation. Interactive wayfinding complements this shift perfectly. For more information about our services, give us a call at 651-237-6577, or you can request a free demo here.