At express image, digital everyone has a role. In these micro-series, we’re going to touch on every team member and how they bring quality and expertise to the express image digital solution!

I guess today we have some guy named Scott, he’s our...CEO? Something like that! He’s a busy guy who loves to make jokes in meetings.

Where are you from Scott?

I’ve lived in SW Minneapolis Metro from age 25 moving further and further out over the years; but prior to that lived in Connecticut, outside of NYC.

What do you specialize in at Express Image digital?

I’m the CEO helping to build organization infrastructure, grow the business, set business strategy, and supporting team members.

What are your prior experiences?

My work history includes President/CEO of a 250 employee print/fulfillment business, co-founding a restaurant tech start-up, and multiple entrepreneurial consulting engagements.

What do you like to do?

I’m a sports enthusiast. I play a decent amount of golf and tennis in the non-golf season. My wife and I live on acreage where Cindy runs a non-profit horse rescue, where I perform very low-level labor help...

What an interesting guy! If you stopped by our office sometime you’d find Scott either in his corner office on the phone. Or in one of our weekly sales meetings laughing at one of his own jokes, along with all of us of course!