It's all about Personalization!

Personalization is the name of the game in 2020 and one of the best ways to take advantage of this for retail is by communicating with customers on the channels they feel most at home in. 

With so many options for communications from mobile to desktop and email-based platforms and even text messaging it’s hard to gauge which one is appropriate to approach which customer on, and even which one they will respond to the most. Omnichannel solutions like the ones Express Image Digital offer are the first step in customer trust-building. 

Mall Wayfinding

Which channel is right? -

With so many channels available for contact your head is probably spinning when it comes to deciding on just one. But the best thing is, you don’t have to choose just one. You just have to provide an opportunity for all of them, letting your customers choose their preferred one. This has huge implications for customer experience situations where the potential conversion can come only through trust and the correct channel usage. Omnichannel wayfinding is key in this aspect as it contains the same content on every channel keeping the messaging consistent. With consistent messaging and usage like wayfinding or information giving your customers are going to naturally gravitate towards what works for them. Giving you analytics and usage data on the customer’s interactions as well as the effectiveness of your own channels and content. Maybe a promotion is more lucrative to users on the go, like a coffee location 2 for 1 so you target it to mobile channels for the busybodies at your location. This flexibility is key to a personalized destination with full access to guests of all kinds. 

Content, content, content -

With so many different channels you run into some unique concerns. The primary concern being content. Images, text, links, video, everything guests see on these channels have to be similar or on-brand across the spectrum and every opportunity at the destination has to be present as well. You’re not going to want a single guest to potentially miss out on an event or media premiere at your destination so all of those images and advertisements are going to have to be formatted for mobile and appropriately scaled down. Express Image Digital offers a custom content management solution perfect for any destination that makes managing this problem a breeze. The best part is content can be broken down and used across every channel due to the possibility of customers using their preferred channels.


So once again you can customize it to your heart's content. Displaying in-store promotions on wayfinding kiosks to drive traffic to stores deeper inside your location or even promoting events on your website following through with text to mobile phone instructions. All while gathering your preferred analytics for future use.


In the end, personalization is the future of retail. Customers want their experience delivered to them on their terms and as accessible as possible. Your destination can be there for them with an experience that not only provides content across all channels but also an interactive experience throughout your location creating a full environment of interaction.