Even the most mass-produced block style architecture housing complexes, you know the ones, grey, imposing, boring, are unique on the inside. It could be different layouts, tenants, activities and so on. But even if they’re grey and cold on the outside, the tenants inside can personalize and make the place feel like home. Why would you want your destination to have anything but a custom wayfinding solution? You’d want it to be just like your home, changeable and personalized to your destination’s end goal. No other home is like home.


Benefits of custom wayfinding-

If you’re sending people from A to B, you’re going to want to get them there efficiently and probably past your latest promotion or event. With a customized wayfinding solution like the one offered by Express Image Digital and Mappedin at Saks on Fifth Avenue, you’re able to take the bones of a map and layer on your own routes and guides. This is not only efficient but also highly customizable. Having maintenance in a certain section of your destination? Simply update the routes that go through there to avoid it. Do you have an amazing concert going on in a venue space? Maybe you’d like your guests to see it along their route. Alongside any route changes or space modifications personalization means staying up to date. Updating locations within your destination is a breeze, forget replacing directories across your destination every time a company changes a logo. With a fully customizable layout, you’re able to swap locations in and out of your map and even change their availability based on hours and days.


Personalizing Your Wayfinding

The final part of customization comes with implementing your wayfinding system into other channels. Users can interact with your destination before they even get there with Desktop applications and text to phone directions. This always-on call possibility of multiple channels presents a unique situation in which customization and starting with a bare-bones approach to your solution is key. When your guests can always see your location instant updates are a must. No one wants to plan an amazing day at your destination just to show up and see maintenance all over the place!


No one wants a one size fits all home, let alone a guide to a large destination. The inflexibility and slow updates from paper directories are a thing of the past. Guests want custom personalized experiences, and it turns out that benefits destinations as well. Mappedin and Express Image Digital worked together with Saks on Fifth Avenue to create a live updateable wayfinding software so Saks can always be on top of their personalization game. You can find the Saks on Fifth Avenue Experience at booth 1137 with Mappedin and Express Image Digital at the NRF Big Show 2020 January 12-14

Mappedin is a Waterloo, Canada-based company focused on powering search and discovery of the built environment. Mappedin is a leading provider of indoor geospatial information system (GIS) tools, which allow property managers to digitize their venues and enable digital experiences for guests and employees. Today, Mappedin’s software is deployed across 550 venues in 25 countries. For more information, visit www.mappedin.com.