Wherever you go, unless you’re highly familiar with a location, what’s the first thing you need to do? You need to find your way around. If your business caters to travelers and tourists, the same holds true: Those visitors need to find their way, and they prefer to do it as efficiently as possible. That’s where interactive digital wayfinding can play a crucial, profit-boosting role in your business.


At Express Image Digital, we’ve implemented digital wayfinding solutions in a variety of tourism-focused, large-scale facilities. We’ve seen the tremendous benefit our systems provide—not only for facility owners, but also for those who visit, shop, and explore. How can digital wayfinding and signage help your facility improve the visitor experience and rake in tourist dollars this year? Let’s count the ways…


Helping Tourists Navigate Efficiently

If your business caters to tourists, they need a reliable method of navigating your space. After all, they can’t whip out their wallets for you if they can’t find where they want to spend their money, right?


In our increasingly tech-driven age, mobile technology has taken precedence in the tourism industry, and now more than ever, the U.S. tourist appreciates innovation. Interactive digital wayfinding provides a cutting-edge, comprehensive navigation solution that caters not only to your guests’ desires but their needs as well. Digital wayfinding helps fulfill your guests' travel needs by:


●        Providing efficient, up-to-date navigation information, which allows for an enjoyable, stress-free visitor experience

●        Allowing guests to learn about facility offerings, events, and promotions

●        Helping visitors gather information about the local area, facilitating informed, enjoyable exploration.

●        Delivering a sleek, modern, all-in-one solution for discovering new information about specific destinations and planning excursions during their visit


Fostering Visitor Engagement

At its core, digital wayfinding is interactive, which, naturally, increases user engagement. Much like engaged employees produce better work for an organization, engaged tourists have a more enjoyable experience, and therefore, are more likely to recommend specific destinations.


Essentially, digital wayfinding provides a hands-off, white-glove concierge for your guests—it’s almost like saying, “We’re here for you; whatever you need, we’re more than happy to deliver.” Freeing up staff to perform this level of personalized service isn’t always feasible or cost effective. But, when you implement digital wayfinding, your facility can offer round-the-clock information and service, no matter how tied up your employees may be.  


Gathering Information About a Destination

No matter how many times a traveler visits a specific destination, there’s always something new to discover. Maybe it’s a new restaurant, a new event, or even a tried-and-true attraction offering new services or promotions. With digital wayfinding, guests can easily and reliably access up-to-date information that directly impacts the course of their trip, making vacation planning infinitely easier and less stressful.


Because facility management or employees can implement and manage system-wide content updates easily and rapidly, visitor information never has to lag behind. Plus, with an omnichannel digital wayfinding solution, tourists can send information to their mobile devices for real-time updates, so they’re constantly aware of all available entertainment options.


Collecting Visitor Feedback

Can you improve your tourist-focused business without consumer data and the actionable insights it delivers? Sure, you can try, but you’re basically taking a shot in the dark. That’s where digital wayfinding is far more than a navigational tool—it’s a revenue-boosting data center, too. With an omnichannel digital wayfinding solution, your business benefits from insightful, actionable data that the technology continually gathers on each and every user.


Every touch of the screen, guest lag time, popular destinations, popular information, guest demographics—it’s all at your fingertips. You can use this information—which can be a challenge to gather through other means—to further enhance your visitors’ experience by catering to the needs and desires of your system’s daily users.


Improve Your Guest Experience With Express Image Digital

At Express Image Digital, we design, implement, and manage interactive digital wayfinding solutions and digital signage installations for businesses in a variety of industries. Whether you’re looking to improve your guest experience, gather revenue-boosting data, or enhance the overall atmosphere of your space, our knowledgeable team is here to help you do it. To learn more about how our omnichannel digital wayfinding solutions can help you enhance your business, contact our team at 651-237-5677 or feel free to reach out to us on our contact page. Ready to see what our solutions can do? Request your interactive wayfinding demo today!