In our digital age, every industry is striving to stay on top of the latest technological developments and trends. Can your industry benefit from implementing digital wayfinding technology? At Express Image Digital, we’ve designed, built, and implemented interactive digital wayfinding systems and digital signage in a wide variety of facilities across the globe. We’re fully aware of what your business stands to gain from the inclusion of this technology—but are you? We’re diving into the second half of our earlier post discussing industries that benefit from digital wayfinding systems—below, we're discussing industries four, five, and six.


Corporate Campuses

Trying to enhance your company culture? Want to make content organization a breeze? Digital wayfinding is a great way to do it. Now more than ever, employees expect (and prefer) to use technology to manage their daily workflow. And, with the trend toward more flexible workspaces, many businesses have shifted toward a hoteling approach, allowing staff to work from the location of their choosing.


Unfortunately, updating the occupancy status of desks, meeting rooms, and offices can be a challenge without real-time software to manage the data. Digital wayfinding can change that. Within a corporate campus, digital signage and wayfinding offer the ability to:


  • Communicate important information corporate-wide
  • Share alerts, announcements, and facility information
  • Accurately update the occupancy status of offices, desks, meeting rooms, etc
  • Navigate the facility via interactive mapping and text-to-phone directions
  • Foster employee collaboration and engagement


Because our technology integrates with a variety of software platforms, office personnel can also update and manage multiple systems from a single source. If efficiency, productivity, and engagement present a challenge within your corporate campus, digital wayfinding offers a solution.


Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation

Museums, amusement parks, and stadiums are notoriously difficult to navigate. Worse, updating static signage, printed promotional materials, and entertainment information often presents a massive expense, and, depending on the property, a significant time commitment. Digital wayfinding can change that. Here’s just a handful of the things you can do:


  • Distribute user-centered content across multiple guest communication channels
  • Educate guests on must-see attractions, promotions, event notifications and attraction information
  • Direct guests toward additional entertainment opportunities or upsells to boost revenue
  • Provide text-to-phone, turn-by-turn directions for both indoor and outdoor properties
  • Integrate with multiple software platforms for rapid, uncomplicated content updates 


Implementing a digital wayfinding solution in any large-scale entertainment facility doesn’t just offer guests an uncomplicated navigational solution; it offers your destination an organized, efficient, effective means of interacting with your guests. More importantly, it offers you the ability to surpass guest expectations and provide an unmatched, unforgettable experience.


Hospitality & Tourism

If you’re in the hospitality industry, interactive digital wayfinding technology can help you stand out from the crowd. Sure, every guest needs help navigating a massive hotel, but digital wayfinding offers so much more than simple navigation—it offers an experience. Can you say the same about static signage?


Hospitality is an intensely competitive industry, and with the rise of social media, patrons are constantly sharing their experiences—both satisfying and disappointing—at your property. And to rise above your competition, you’ve got to have an edge, and interactive wayfinding is it.


Digital wayfinding makes it easier than ever to connect with your patrons via any channel you choose. Even better, it positions you as a concierge service via the wide variety of features it provides for your guests. Whether visitors are interested in finding a bite to eat, learning about the weather, or scoping out local entertainment, digital wayfinding delivers. Guests can:


  • Interact with guests in their preferred communication channel, with omni-channel platform
  • Easily navigate your entire property with text-to-phone, turn-by-turn directions.
  • Learn about promotions, offers and events they may not otherwise discover.
  • Gather analytics about points of interest, restaurants, and entertainment activities
  • Interact with your brand, sign up for your list, and continue the interaction via their preferred digital channels even after they’ve left the property.


Beyond the perks for guests, the technology also offers businesses a robust marketing solution and communication platform due to its focus on omnichannel content delivery. To stay top of mind and remain competitive, you’ve got to position your brand in front of your ideal audience, on the channels they’re using, with the content they want to see. With digital wayfinding, you can easily market to and interact with your audience—all from one convenient, easy-to-use hub.


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