Healthcare facilities across the country are implementing technology as a means to move toward increasingly patient-centered models of care. Value-based care, measured in terms of patient outcomes beyond a healthcare facility's walls, is now taking precedence. As providers recognize the vital role that patient engagement and accountability play in building long-term health outcomes, digital platforms offer a valuable management tool.


At Express Image Digital, we understand that when patients actively participate in the management of their health, long-term outcomes improve. However, healthcare facilities must first implement appropriate platforms to increase patient engagement and foster accountability in a safe, secure and physically distance manner. Below, we’ve outlined how interactive digital wayfinding can help healthcare facilities make that shift.


Using Shared Decision-Making Tools to Increase Patient Accountability

Patient education is a driving factor behind engagement and adherence to prescribed treatment plans. However, in a healthcare system where providers are strapped for time and resources, providing adequate patient education in a one-on-one setting can prove an insurmountable challenge. That’s where digital wayfinding software comes in.


Beyond its advanced navigation capabilities,  voice-activated digital wayfinding software offers a wide variety of integrations that allow healthcare facilities to implement it as a shared decision-making tool. Omnichannel integrations allow for automated distribution of a wide variety of patient education tools and reminders, including:


  • Medication adherence reminders
  • Appointment notifications and reminders
  • Prescription refill reminders
  • Ongoing delivery of patient education information, including post-care instructions and appointment preparation guidelines
  • Targeted messaging across the entire continuum of care


Interactive Digital Wayfinding: Using Data to Coordinate Care

Increasingly, healthcare providers are searching for digital solutions capable of successfully guiding patients through the full care continuum, even after they’ve left hospital halls. At its core, interactive digital wayfinding is a powerful experiential tool, capable of gathering real-time data, analyzing that data, and incorporating it with contextual information to encourage a desired action.


From a value-based care perspective, it’s the perfect tool to foster improved patient education, participation, and overall outcomes throughout the healthcare journey. By leveraging the omnichannel capabilities of custom digital wayfinding software, healthcare providers can empower their patients to successfully manage their health from home.  


Express Image Digital: Your Source for End-to-End Hospital Wayfinding Solutions

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