As an increasing number of businesses reopen after mandatory COVID-19 closures, protecting both staff and patrons is a paramount concern. At Express Image Digital, we know how valuable smart technology has proven in the fight against this ongoing health crisis, and we’re here to provide it. Below, we’re discussing how our unique temperature-screening technology is designed to help facilities protect their most valuable investment: their people. 


Screening: The First Layer of Protection

Implementing mandatory temperature screenings is the first step in helping to curb the continuing spread of COVID-19 and minimizing the need for time-consuming contamination cleanup. As venues and work environments reopen, businesses are scrambling to find and deploy hygienic screening methods that provide not only hands-free temperature readings, but that also deliver rapid, highly accurate results. That’s why we developed Express Sensing.


What Is Express Sensing? How Does It Work?

Express Sensing is a hands-free, infrared temperature scanner designed to help minimize access to public spaces by COVID-infected persons. Its touch-free design makes it a far more hygienic screening solution than thermometers that necessitate physical contact, which will help reduce anxiety for both employees and patrons.


More importantly, it allows for rapid screenings while minimizing the risk of staff members coming into contact with infected individuals. Because the technology does not require dedicated human resources to operate, it’s also a far more efficient scanning solution that can help cut labor costs over time. So how does it work? Let’s take a look:


●        To take a cranial temperature reading, incoming individuals must stand between 20-39 inches from the Express Sensing kiosk.

●        The unit’s algorithm then detects object heat and delivers a rapid temperature reading that is accurate to +/-0.5 degrees Celsius.

●        If the system does not detect an elevated temperature, the individual in question receives clearance to enter the facility.

●        Because the system features a one-second refresh rate it delivers near-instant results. Rapid individual screenings allow businesses to keep incoming traffic flowing smoothly through the facility while minimizing the risk of congregation in dedicated testing areas.


Keep in mind, however, that even with temperature screenings, there is still an ongoing risk that asymptomatic individuals may enter any given facility. In addition to hands-free temperature screenings, other protective measures are also necessary to protect both staff and guests.


Who Can Benefit From Express Sensing Kiosks?

Given the current circumstances, any facility can benefit from infrared screening kiosks; however, there are a number of industries that may find the technology especially useful. These include:


●        Medical facilities. Hospitals and clinics are finding it increasingly difficult to conduct rapid screenings for both incoming patients and staff. This issue is especially prevalent during shift changes and high-traffic periods, when human resources are limited and current patients require continual care.


●        Transportation facilities. Airports and other mass transportation facilities must maintain a steady incoming traffic flow to comply with distancing guidelines. Thermometer-based screenings are essentially out of the question as they require both human-to-human contact and significant time.


●        Assisted living facilities. Infrared sensing will allow assisted living operators a better opportunity to protect highly vulnerable segments of the population.


●        High-volume facilities. Corporate campuses, stadiums, malls, outlets, government agencies, museums, and other high-traffic facilities must keep traffic flow moving to minimize person-to-person contact. Due to its rapid delivery time and refresh rate, Express Sensing dramatically reduces the amount of time required to obtain a temperature reading over thermometer-based screening methods.


Ready to Implement Temperature Screening Technology? Contact Express Image Digital

At Express Image Digital, we help facility owners implement digital solutions that not only improve guest satisfaction, but that also drive revenue. We understand the current health crisis has affected businesses of all kinds, and we’re here to help as the economy begins the process of reopening.


If you’re ready to learn more about how Express Sensing temperature screening kiosks can help maintain a COVID-free environment in your facility, give our team a call at 651-237-5677. You can also get in touch with us via our contact form, and a member of our team will reach out to you promptly.