In an ever-hectic healthcare facility, many patients and visitors unfortunately fall through the cracks. And as patient dissatisfaction mounts due to poor communication and excessive wait times, it’s no surprise that many patients have reservations about visiting hospitals and clinics.


Worse, ever-present worries about virus transmission — despite stringent safety measures implemented by medical facilities — have prompted mass avoidance of healthcare facilities, dropping revenue by the day. But digital wayfinding and signage solutions can be a powerful tool for helping to turn the situation around. How? Express Image Digital has the details below.


Decrease Patient Confusion

Large medical campuses are notoriously challenging to navigate, which confuses patients and negatively effects their experience at the facility. And when patients can’t find their way, what do they do? They ask an employee or medical provider, which takes someone away from their work, cuts into normal workflow, and slows down daily operations — the opportunity cost of confusion is expensive.


By deploying digital wayfinding kiosks, healthcare facilities give patients the opportunity to self-navigate with digitally delivered, turn-by-turn directions sent directly to their smart phones. Patients arrive for their appointments on time and facility employees can conduct daily operations uninterrupted, which ultimately improves workflow and decreases wait times.


Provide Valuable Information, Updates, and Reminders

Both digital wayfinding kiosks and digital signage allow customers to easily access facility information that can improve their healthcare experience. From real-time updates on wait times to scheduling medication adherence reminders and future appointments, digital wayfinding gives patients more control over their journey through the healthcare system.


Deliver Concierge Service

Who doesn’t like being catered to? And considering the high costs of modern medical treatments, patients expect concierge-level service. In already understaffed healthcare settings, it’s unrealistic to assume facility employees can deliver that level of service — that’s not to say they’re incapable of doing so but rather, that time constraints and heavy patient loads don’t allow for it.


Fortunately for those facilities, digital wayfinding technology can fill in the gaps. In healthcare settings that have implemented this innovative solution, approximately 65% percent of patients report it has improved their overall experience.


Ready to Discuss Digital Wayfinding for Your Healthcare Facility?

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